Visit Qasimia Naqshbandia mohra sharif in Murree

It is located at the Eastern flank of Islamabad about one and a half hours drive from the Islamabad. It was made into a spiritual center by Ghous-e-Zaman Ala-Hazrat Baba Ji Khawaja Muhammad Qasim Sadiq (b. 1263 A.H.). Khawaja's ancestors were migrated from Iran and settled in Rawalpindi District of Pakistan. Khawaja Sahib was the Ghaus-e-Zaman of his time better known among the Sufis as the Spiritual Sun on the horizon of the East. Khawaja Baba Ji's 120 years of life forms a proud chapter of Islamic renaissance in this region of Asia. His 700 Khalifa are all Auliyas with very high status among the Sufis. Khawaja Baba Ji Sarkar is the Imam (Leader) of all Naqshbandis in Pakistan region. Baba Ji Muhammad Qasim Sadiq died on 20 November 1943, leaving behind millions of disciples and devotees to mourn him. His funeral prayers were offered three times on the day of his demise due to theever swelling number of mourners attending his funeral. After his death, the Qasmiya Order was led by his son Pir Mohammad Zahid khan Sahib and the order Nisbat-e-Rasooli was led by his eldest son Pir Nazir Ahmed Sahib. Twice a year, in the last week of May and November, there are congregations (urs paak), attended by thousands of devotees, held to commemorate Khawaja Pir Muhammad Qasim Sadiq's (Baba Ji Sarkar).