Visit Kundol Lake in Swat

Kundol Lake lies at the foothills of Hindu kush mountains at an elevation of (9,950 ft), surrounded by the lush green meadows, snow clad mountains and lush green dense forests, the banks of the kundol lake serve as the camping site during the summers season for the visitors & trekkers.

Kundol Lake is fed by melting glaciers and springs of the Mount Hindu kush. It gives rise to gabral Khwar, the major right tributary of the Swat River.Kundol Lake is accessible only during the summer; during the winter, the roads are closed due to heavy snowfall. It can be accessed by path from Kalam via Utror in a four wheel automotive from where a link road ends in a green valley called Ladu in the foothills of the lake.

Earlier, jeeps used to go till a higher village called Ladu but now bridge and jeep track is destroyed due to floods and rains so total trek time has increased from 3-4 hrs to 6-8 hrs till the lake. Kundol Lake "Swat valley" Kundol Lake "Swat valley" There is also a small refreshment huts in Ladu valley where one can take tea and get something for eating. From Ladu it takes almost four to six hours to reach the lake. The mountains around this small valley are covered with tall cedar and pine trees.