Gandhara Tours

Pakistan, the crucible of many cultures and from the stone age sites to the British era has historical remains scattered all over the country.However, the most popular are the Indus valleys and gandhara civilization. Almost all the major museums of the world have pieces of Gandharan art exhibited in their galleries. Gandhara, the ancient Peshawar valley and the cradle of Buddhist civilization, which gave birth to the famous Gandharan art, is first mention in the Rigveda. It remained one of the provinces of the Achaemenian empire according to a Darius period inscription of 6the century BC pushkalavati, its first capital from 6the century BC to 1st century AD was invaded in Mauryan, indo-Greeks, Scythian, Parthians and kushans, who established their capital at pushapura or Peshawar in 1st century AD.

In 7th century AD, the shahi dynasty established its capital at hund,which remaine their centre till the invasions of Gaznavids in 998 AD, hence ending the rule of Gandhara. The sites and antiquities of Takht-i-bahi, shari bahlol, Jamal garhi, rani gat, aziz dheri, Bukhara, saidu stupa, andan dheri, chat pat, dam kot khanpur, and the monasteries in Taxila valley provided richest collection of the Gandharan art to the Peshawar, Mardan, Pushkalavati, Taxila, swat, Dir museums through the excavations by British, Italian and Pakistani scholars.

  • Day 1 Arrival Lahore.overnight Lahore.
  • Day 2 Lahore city Tour.overnight Lahore.
  • Day 3 Drive to Islamabad via mankiala stupa.
  • Day 4 Day excursion for Taxila.overnight Islamabad.
  • Day 5 Drive to peshawar, visit peshawar museum and old city.overnight peshawar.
  • Day 6 Drive to swat valley enroute visit Takhtbhai.overnight swat.
  • Day 7 visit swat museum and butkara, shingrdara stupa.overnight swat.
  • Day 8 Drive back to Lahore.

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