Visit Dring Stadium in Bahawalpur

The Bahawal Stadium is a cricket ground in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan. Locally known as Dring Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium located in used mostly for Cricket games. The stadium holds 15,000 people.


It was the first cricket ground in Western Pakistan to host a Test match, when it hosted the second Test of Indian cricket team in Pakistan in 1954–55 India's inaugural tour of Pakistan. However, this was the only international Test match to be held at this ground. As of 2002, 155 first class matches and 23 List A matches have been played at this ground.As Bahawalpur's cricket team has been without first class status since 2002–03, there was only one first class match and one List A match here for the three seasons following that, but the ground still hosts Under-19 matches.Bahwal stadium was a war place before. This stadium also ranked in Asia's 2nd largest stadium by area.