Cholistan Desert Safari

The Cholistan Desert is largest desert on the indian subcontinent, covering over 25,000 square kilometers. It extends south into the Thar Desert in Sind, and east in to India’s Rajistan Desert. Its name is said to derive from the Urdu verb Cholna – to walk – although it’s not clear whether this refers to the shifting sand dunes or the semi-nomadic people who roam the Desert in search of water and pasture. The Hakra River (known in the Vedas as the River Sarasvati, and more recently as the Ghaggar) once flowed through the region, supporting a civilization contemporary with Meonjodaro and Harappa. Over 400 archeological sites have been uncovered along the dried up bed of the Hakra, in addition to evidence of numerous Stone Age settlement at the lower levels. A series of desert forts have been build to guard the trade route across Cholistan, the best preserved of which is Derawar Fort. This unique trip takes you toBahawalpur– Yazman and Chanan Pir while we on camel ride, we spend 2-4 nights camping en route visiting nomad settlements and witness camel drivers dance, the local jhumar around a warm camp fire.


  • Day 01: Arrive at Islamabad
  • Day 02: Drive to Lahore
  • Day 03: Drive to Bahawalpur
  • Day 04: Drive to Drive at the edge of semi desert to Chinan Pir
  • Day 05: Camel ride back to Dori
  • Day 06: Camel ride to Toba Saif Wala
  • Day 07: Last day of camel ride to Derawar Fort
  • Day 08: Drive to Uch Sharif, famous for saints tombs of 13-14 century
  • Day 09: Fly Back Drive to Islamabad & evening fly back to home.