Artist's Residency

The Artist's Residency is located in Murree, Punjab, Pakistan. A project, inspired by a vision to bring together the creative, cultural history of Pakistan. To create opportunities for Pakistani artists to participate in the new global art world. An international art community set in, and revitalizing the pastoral beauty and simplicity of Murree, a Himalayan hill station community. The town readily unites culture, history and leisure. Murree brings out the uniqueness and candor of what makes the popular culture of Pakistan. The 2014 success of the first summer season of the Murree Museum Artists' Residency offered a retreat for Pakistani artists, to work together for 4 weeks. Focusing intently on their individual creative practices and collective activity aimed at preservation of the history and culture of Murree, and its inhabitants. This culminated in strengthening their sense of belonging and ownership of their heritage through planned activities, seminars and outreach programs, thereby benefitting the surrounding community and locality, and influencing our national identity. The Murree Residency environment provides artists with studio and living spaces thanks to the generosity of Huma and Shahid Qadir, who have donated their secluded property at Kashmir Point, Murree. The artists will experience serenity and undistracted time to work on their independent projects.